In TPS Trans-Pacific Solutions we are committed to provide our clients with products and services that cover their expectations and needs. The Company started operating on November 2008, and have been operating continuously. Our operations have been focused mainly on the Social Responsibility and Shipping Security audits for different brands, retailers and business partners in the U.S. and Europe. TPS is a WRAP Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production Accredited External Monitoring Firm. We also Signatories and Approved Verifying Body (VB693132) for the SLCP Social and Labor Convergence Program.

We have highly qualified staff with vast experience in Social Responsibility, Health & Safety, Environmental, and Security regulations and norms. In a globalized economy the end user has become more stringent and the criteria to obtain a product or service go beyond the quality. Socially Responsible operations and reducing the impact to the Environment has become a decision taking factor for retailers and end users in developed countries, and has started creating conscience in developing nations. By providing such added values to your clients and consumers, their perception of your company or brand image will represent a decision factor. Other element that has become important during the last years are the Security procedures that take place in the production facilities and distribution centers to prevent and identify illegal activities related to contraband.

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