During the last decades the consumers have become more proactive and have shown more interest in the conditions that prevail in the workplaces where the products are manufactured. Throughout the globe, diverse initiatives, programs and regulations such as WRAP, SLCP, SMETA, ETI, SA8000, FLA, etc. have been developed to address and identify possible violations to conventions accepted internationally by the ILO signing countries.

In addition civil society, corporations and governments show more interest and concern on the way Environment has been damaged and how they can prevent this. Legislation and standards have been developed with the intention to control and reduce the impact that the productive segments have in the environment. With more than 14 years of experience delivering these services in diverse industrial and agricultural segments TPS offers you the following services:

  • WRAP Certification External Monitor Audit – TPS is a WRAP Accredited External Monitoring Firm with active auditors in different countries.
  • SLCP Social and Labor Convergence Program Verification – TPS is an approved Verifying Body (VB693132) with presence in different countries throughout the Globe.
  • Facility/site 3RD party audits – We can deliver 3rd Party audits against customer monitoring programs or international standards
  • Health, Safety and Environmental Audits – These audits are focused on the HSE conditions of the manufacturers/growers/service providers to prevent risks to their employees and the vicinity
  • HSE Training seminars for your personnel – Specific training is provided to companies located in Mexico that look for compliance to National Safety Norms that address Fire Safety, Maintenance Safety, Emergency Procedures, Environmental Awareness, etc.
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